Books on Japanese Swords

December 2004

Books on Japanese swords, iaido and general knifemaking.

Japanese Swords

Web links on Japanese Swords

Rick Stein's Japanese Sword Index - one of the better web sites out there.
Japanese Armour
Anthony J. Bryant's well-known site on armour history, construction of modern (SCA-style) armour, and Japanese clothing.
Namikawa Heibei Co.
Sword polishing supplies from Tokyo
Fred Lohman - Restoration services and supplies in the USA.
Nine Circles
UK supplier; mainly martial arts equipment, including iaido, but also a useful source for sword fittings
Tusukamaki introduction
Thomas Buck's The Art of Tsukamaki (Hilt Wrapping)
Tsukamaki technique
Another Tsukamaki article
Iaido pages at the British Kendo Association

Iaido and other techniques

Free your mind and your ass will follow

Other Knifemaking books