Boxes for Sale

July 2005

A pile of wooden chests, currently for sale

Wooden chests currently for sale

Current stock, as at July 2005.

End view of the chests

From the left: Two Norse Mästermys, three Piraticals in plain oiled and tarred, and a Perilous Purple (already spoken for).

Please note that most of these boxes hadn't had their hinge hardware attached by the time the photograph was taken.


Mästermyr chest reproduction, front view

Some more replicas of the Mästermyr chest.

Joinery is traditional Norse style. The base is morticed into the ends; blind mortice full-width and a narrower through tenon. Half- lap open tenons join the sides and ends, together with wooden treenails pegging the sides to the ends and base. It's all solid timber, and with lots of hand work, including hand-planing the surfaces. The lids are extra-thick and are hand-hollowed on the inside, as is traditional.

Mästermyr chest, rear view

I've made these in three sizes and a variety of timbers. These are in Scots Pine and are 30" long, around the size of the original Mästermyr chest.

All of the are around the same size at the ends; 12" high and 9" wide. This makes them suitable as chests, or as box-stools. Perfect for camping storage that you can sit on too! There are three lengths; 30", 24" and 18" (approximate). 30" is the authentic length of the original. 18" is a bit on the small side for a chest but makes a nice stool. 24" is perhaps the best compromise between storage volume and carrying convenience.

End of chest, with iron hinge

Hardware is hand-forged iron loop hinges, with hot-punched eyes. They're attached with clenched nails.

Finish is linseed oil on the woodwork and blackening of the ironwork.

Hand-forged iron loop hinge, close-up

Standard hardware on these is a pair of hinges, no lock. If you're carrying them far, the Norse solution was to wrap a leather or braided strap around them. I can also make them with padlock hasps similar to the other chests. I may be making some with original style integral locks and Norse-style keys.

Piratical Chests

Pair of piratical style chests

Pine chests with coopered lids and iron hardware. (Hardware not yet installed in some of these photos).

These are similar in style to my earlier chests.

End view of chest, showing the dovetail joinery

Finish can be oiled plain timber, black tarred finish, or tarcloth/oilcloth (extra cost). Ironwork is generally finished with a semi- matt blackened finish, although specials can be made to order.

The hardware is hand-made steel, held in place with clenched nails. Different shapes and end styles are possible for the hinges, usually either leaf-ended or swallowtail. Custom styles can be produced to order.

The standard lock attachment is a steel hasp and staple, to take a padlock (not supplied). Fitted key locks are available to order and hand-made integral locks may be made to special order (extra cost).

Sets of steel hinges in production

Sets of hinge parts in production