last updated: October 2004

Meditation Stool


Meditation stool

Meditation stool - front view

Materials: Locally-felled brown oak. Wax over oil finish.
Joinery is by wedged tenons - no glue or metal fasteners.

Portable Gothic Chair

July 2003

A collapsible chair for the travelling LARPer
Collapsible Portable Chair, in a retro-Gothic style

Aircraft chairs


Aircraft chair in pop-riveted aluminium
A chair from mil-surplus scrap

Another aircraft chair (Work in Progress, 2004)

Re-upholstery in the Modernist Manner

2004 (work in progress)

1930's small armchair, re-upholstered in red checked moquette

Just a little re-upholstery job. A flat-moving friend gave me this rather cute little '30s frame, with tired and sagging upholstery. I've rebuilt the back with traditional webbing and hair upholstery. Next to do is the seat - probably a simple foam slab. The fabric is a simple checked moquette, which seems to suit the Modernist style quite well.

Red Blue chair


The classic de Stijl Red Blue chair
The classic de Stijl chair, designed by Gerrit Rietveld in the 1920's.

I find it surprisingly comfortable, but if you make your own, take care to get the angles of the back and seat just right to suit the sitter. This one sat in my sunny bay window, so I shortened the usual height of the back

Incidentally, the curtains are "Cranes Stripe" fabric, hand-printed by Julia Hilton. They're inspired by the colourful shipyard cranes of Wallsend, Tyneside.