More Aircraft Scrap

February 2003

Turbine disk, pressure vessel and titanium duct

Jarkman, The Cursing Chemist and I took a trip to the aircraft scrappie.

The blue thing is about 2' of titanium tube and the shiny sphere has its own picture below

There's also a crate or two of assorted gauges, fixtures, fittings and the usual rubbish.



gas turbine compressor
Centrifugal compresor impeller from a small gas turbine.

Analogue gunnery computer

Splendid analogue computer from some naval gunnery system. Dated 1974, it's mainly synchroes and resolvers, with mechanical gearing and differentials. There are a few transistors on board, and a couple of valves too.

Cost me all of 5 that did 8-)

Missile launch controller
Launch director (sight and steering handles) for a Vigilant (?) anti-tank missile.

spherical pressure vessel

Wehrner Von Braun's teapot

No idea what this is. It's a very shiny stainless sphere, with a 1968 date stamp. Rocket bits ?


Jet Engine parts

jet engine turbine disc
Turbine disk from a Rolls-Royce Spey jet engine - probably from an RAF Phantom.

Now deceased.

Turbine blade Turbine blade root fixing
I'm selling these blades on eBay.

compressor stator disks
Compressor stator vanes. Also available on eBay.


Thrust Reversers

Huge titanium forgings from the thrust reverser
Another pair of the same Tornado thrust reversers that I'd found previously.


Jarkman's Wings

Wing leading edges
One of our main reasons for this trip was to get some big long wing parts to make shelving. We failed on the shelves, but these leading edges might make uprights with something else between them.

Engine Inlet Duct

Engine air inlet duct
Mad engine inlet thing

Engine air inlet duct
Scrapped owing to birdstrike !



Cockpit chair
Another chair, a bit like this one we made earlier.

Cockpit chair
This came from a Belfast (or so we're told)