More Aircraft Scrap

May 2003

Over in Essex to collect my new cabinet saw, I took the usual tour of the scrapyards. Didn't get much this time

Assorted scrap stainless steel and titanium sheet

Rings and sheet titanium

These are for making more mirrors

Lots of mirror frames in the making

Lots of engine bits to become mirror frames

Titanium compressor blade end fittings

Aluminium column with big steel flanges and huge rivets

2' aluminium column with huge rivets

Aircraft landing gear leg brace

A landing gear leg, for Jarkman to make more chairs from

Gin trap

Gin trap, with gin

A gin trap (seems to work)

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Jet engine igniter Jet engine igniter, case open

Igniter from a '50's or '60's jet engine

This is probably going to become a transformer housing for a lighting installation like this.

Mixed stuff

Mixed stuff

Aircraft instruments, locking toggle switches, Remove Before Flight streamers, flexible stainless ducting and a gas turbine impeller.

Vacuum pump

Hand-cranked vacuum pump - front view Hand-cranked vacuum pump - rear view

Hand-cranked vacuum pump

Griffin & George, probably 1950's and used in a school science lab

4lb trimming axe

...and a shiny new axe !