Vulcan's Shed

January 2008

Work In Progress

Vulcan radome

Vulcan radome

It was on eBay and it followed me home. Honest.

The Romans identified Vulcan with the Greek smith-god Hephaestus, and he became associated like his Greek counterpart with the constructive use of fire in metalworking.

What more could you want for a shed?

What is it?

Restoration videos from the XH558 Vulcan project

It's the nose radome from a Vulcan bomber. Yes, that Vulcan. The honking great big one. My garden shed will be nuclear-capable.

This piece is the lower section of the nose, the piece that's removed in the first photo opposite. To allow the radar to work, it was made of fibreglass instead of aluminium.

Avro Vulcan at CFB Goose Bay, Canada

Avro Vulcan at CFB Goose Bay, Canada

13'6" long, 8'6" diameter. 290lbs (allegedly)

Can't tell you the original registration number yet...

The Plan

Draft idea for a Summerhouse

Summerhouse ideas

Garden shed / Summerhouse.

Raise it on a dwarf brick wall. Glaze one end and fit glass doors. Leave the inner frame visible above (behind glazing) in all its punched and perforated aluminium goodness.

First Inspection

January 2008



So this is it!

Radome side view

Radome side

It's ridiculously long. Overall width is about right, height is adequate with a bit of a wall, but it is going to stick out backwards a lot.

The grille just visible at the open end is an air outlet. In service any leaks at near-supersonic speed would have tended to pressurise it and risk blowing it off! So there's an escape route for the air. Just how much pressure builds up inside a perforated radome?

Dad remains unconvinced

Dad remains unconvinced

Obviously it needs lifting up by a couple of feet, hence the dwarf wall idea.

Looking down the insides

Looking down the insides

Visible at the far end is the notch where the TFR (Terrain Following Radar) originally sat, in its own "thimble" radome.

Inside the end

Inside the end

Pressed aluminium and flanges and rivets, Oh My!

Main construction is ½" fibreglass, still in pretty good condition. It should refinish and paint up beautifully.

The "box" visible at the bottom edge is a rainwater gutter! With a little tiny drain tube and downspout too (remember this whole thing is upside down). Originally the rescue kit access door filled the square notch above this, and it probably didn't seal perfectly. I rather like this idea of internal back-up guttering. Maybe I should install it in the house too.

Lower edge inside

Lower edge inside

A close-up shows the large number of chunky aluminium clamping points on the inside fram.

Transporting it

In the garden, looking more like a mollusc shell.

Now that's a garden snail problem!

Moved it!

Plans for the Shed

Garden, by the existing wooden summerhouse.

Somewhere around here.


Sketch of it in place.

One day I'll learn how to edit photos!