With his Yemen sword for aid;
Ornament it carried none,
But the notches on the blade

John Ruskin

A collection of swords, hanging on my wall
Japanese marking knives
Carpenter's marking-out tools, in traditional mounts
Daisho pair of katana and wakizshi
Old blades in modern remounts.
Sword stand with shin-gunto
Japanese Sword Stand (Katanakake)
A home for my katana.
Wooden training swords
Wooden Training Swords
Medieval training swords.
Wooden broadsword
Wooden Swords
Kid's toys, with a medieval European flavour.
Etched Meat Cleaver
Etched work by The Cursing Chemist.
Chinese Repeating Crossbow
Reproduction of an old design
Books; Japanese, Iaido and knifemaking