Wooden Training Swords

October 2004


You bunch of wasters - how many times have you heard that?
So I made a few.

Pair of wasters

Pair of wasters

"Wasters" are the traditional name for wooden training swords, as used throughout the middle ages. They're blunt and lightweight, but the size is the same as a live sword.

Might be handy for you followers of Terry Brown

These are 36" long overall and the blades are 2" wide. Materials are beech for the blades, carved lime for the hilts. Some leather, metal and string for the fittings.



Originals would have been plain and undecorated, but I felt like practising some hilt-making.

The one on the right is of a vaguely Norse style. A wheel pommel and a wooden hilt guard with a little carving (Jormungandr the world serpent and a "gripping-beast" figure). The grip is padded leather bound with a wire spiral.

Hilt with carved guard, in close-up

Hilt with carved guard

The other has a "brazil nut" pommel and a gilded hilt guard. The grip is wrapped with brass wire.

Hilt with brass wire binding, in close-up

Hilt with brass wire binding

A few runes as an inscription: {isa:kiari:tinkbat