Maple box

May 2002

Maple box

The design is very simple, with a Japanese influence.
Maple box

The finish is a simple hand-sand to 240 grit, then clear wax. The maple seemed quite soft when I started working it, but beneath the surface was much harder.

Planing the rippled grain was hard work to avoid tear-out, but gave a beautiful sheen in the end.
Maple box, open

Inside has a base of red Japanese paper.

The top is a simple lid located by a rebated edge. The handle is a snippet of ebonised walnut, set in a large through hole.
Maple box, end joinery

End joinery is half-lap joints, held by bamboo pins. Pinned half laps or open tenons like this would be rare in the West, but are common in Japanese boxes.

Similar box, in walnut
I've since made a few more of these boxes, in maple and walnut. There's a board of nicely-figured plane (lacewood) waiting too.