Steel Briefcase

1997 - May 2003

Briefcase - closed

Just a briefcase. Except that it's welded ¼" steel chequerplate and weighs 44lbs.

Briefcase - laid flat

Would probably crush a Haliburton if you dropped it on one. Makes deep scratches in boardroom tables. This is what the dedicated corporate warrior needs for everyday carry - saves on trips to the gym too.

Briefcase - open

The lid is so heavy as to need gas-struts to open it.

This briefcase isn't one of my creations. Originally it was made by Jarkman.

As originally made by Jarkman

As made by Jarkman

The orignal owner was a careless chap who lived in a swamp. He let it get rusty.

Rusty exterior

Rusty exterior

Very rusty

Rusty interior

Rusty interior

To restore it, I used wire brushing, electrolysis and a citric acid pickle to take the rust off. I then refinished it with hot-oil bluing, a black wax, hand buffing to bring out the highlights and finally a coat of clear wax.