Copper Trays


Val's tray

These are hand-beaten copper with an oak frame. The overall style is my usual 1900's Americana - a bit Greene & Greene on the timberwork; exposed tenons, pinned with blackwood pegs.

Val's tray

Size is approx 14" x 17" over the frame - big enough to serve tea, and the odd biscuit.

Two trays - two different timbers

The back tray is in white oak, with an ammonia-fumed finish and then shellac over oil. The forward tray is in locally felled brown oak, with an oil and wax finish.

I'm also ringing a few changes on colouring the beaten copper. These are a hot-oil patina, but I'm also looking at chemical patinas.

These trays are intended for sale - details on request to A finalised prototype and retail samples should be available in August.

I've made these in a range of sizes, but I'm now settled on the tea trays.

Large, and a new standard size being beaten.