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Welding Andrea's bed frame after dark

Also he wanted some black oily stuff for his hands and face. For the first rule in the art of repairing as it was known to the firm of Grubb and Smallways, was to get your hands and face thoroughly and conclusively blackened.

H. G. Wells, The War in the Air, 1908

Work In Progress


Just a bowl. About 4" diameter, some random African tropical from the firewood box.

My first ever piece of faceplate turning work, rather than spindle turning.

Jan 2005

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Workbench top under construction.
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Wadkin Cabinet Saw

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Framer's Guillotine
An old Framer's Guillotine from eBay.


April 2002

Just a bowsaw I made today.

Mainly for a bit of bandsaw practice with my new bandsaw, but it's also a handy tool. Tage Frid recommends them for everything, including cutting dovetails. The design is from Fine Woodworking #151, but it's pretty rough and ready. Make it to fit your available blade. Mine is a 12" bowsaw blade from Axminster, but framing and mitre saw blades work well too. Some people use pieces of old bandsaw blade, but if it's a worn out bandsaw, why would you put it into a new hand saw ?

The material is some lovely spalted beech. I dug it out of Paul Timber-Routes' firewood sack, as he was building a tabletop out of huge planks of it down the other end of the workshop. You can't really see it on a small saw, but it makes a great table.

Bowsaws are lovely things to use. They're incredibly light. Even though I still favour my Japanese saws for most things, the weight of a bowsaw does have its place.

It's also my very first piece of woodturning !